About us

When you live in Minnesota most people think you just get used to the winter. Those folks have obviously have never been to Minnesota in January. Garrett and Lisa decided after years of living where ice fishing is almost as popular as beer (they did a poll!), that it was time for a change. They made two decisions; move someplace warm (duh) and open the type of sports bar where people wanted to come back to drink, eat and relax. Naturally, the gulf coast of Florida seemed like the perfect destination.

In November of 2017, the Jaxx motto of “where good times happen all the time” was born. Garrett and Lisa started welcoming customers and making friends. After just a few short months Jaxx became one of the most popular sports bars in Manatee County. Jaxx will never be one of those big franchise bars that place the bottom line over customer service, quality products and of course, good times! Why? Because that's not the type of place Garrett and Lisa would want to hang out in! We hope you agree. Cheers!

Welcome to Jaxx, where good times happen all the time!